Friday, August 7, 2009

Com-Plein Air Painting

I painted with the Plein Air Nashville group Saturday. We went to the new Harlinsdale Farm Park in Franklin. I was the third to arrive and found Kevin about half done with his painting. I wandered all around looking for some inspiration. I wandered way too long. That's a problem of mine. When I finally set up there were probably 10 others who showed up and were already painting. I finally just stopped in the shade of a tree and painted this barn. The same one Kevin painted. He had a better angle on it. I always have something to complain about when I attempt to paint outdoors. I just saw an article in a magazine where Kevin Macpherson said he coined the phrase "ComPlein Air" painting. THAT'S what I do! : )

Here is a photo of what I was seeing. The colors on my painting are not really as saturated as the photo shows. Just one more complaint. : )


Kevin Menck said...

Nice painting! That's a keeper.

Darren love said...

cool painting!... Having never tried plien-air,... I would imagine its harder than it looks.... I would definitely be a "compleinair"